Mr. Gábor Hodosi

Dr. Gábor Hodosi
Head of Compliance Unit (Chief Compliance Officer)
Hungarian Export-Import Bank Plc.

Gabor Hodosi joined to Hungarian Export-Import Bank Plc. (Eximbank) and at the same to Hungarian Export Credit Insurance Plc. (Mehib) Compliance Units in 2015, and became the head of Compliance Units (chief compliance officer) in 2016. The Eximbank and the Mehib, which operate within an integrated framework and management, work in a shared organization with a shared corporate identity, under the common brand EXIM. The mission of EXIM is to serve Hungarian exporters through the provision of effective financing and insurance facilities.

The most important tasks of the Compliance Unit are the following: AML/ATF/KYC controls and procedures, Code of Conduct, conflict of interest, whistleblowing, banking secrecy, data protection, liaising with the authorities (e.g. police, prosecution office, criminal court, tax office, FIU), sanctions control.

With regard to target countries of exporters, EXIM pays particular attention to the follow-up of sanctions and restrictive measures.

Prior to joining EXIM, Gabor was a lawyer for Market Surveillance Department of Central Bank of Hungary (CBH) for 7 years, and he was responsible for detecting and investigating of any operations conducted without proper authorization, and he also investigated the cases of insider trading and market manipulation. Before the CBH Gabor had served for 17 years in the Economy Protection Department of Metropolitan Police Budapest, investigating serious economic and financial crime cases (e.g. money laundering, insider trading, fraud, bank card abuse or counterfeiting).

Gabor has graduated as a lawyer (MBA, LLD), economist (BSC) and criminal investigator (BSC),and he lectures on sanctions on Hungarian conferences and on the courses of Institute of Banking Education (Hungary).