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ABOUT Radar Payments by BPC
Radar Payments by BPC is a leading innovative payment processing provider dedicated to financial institutions, including payment service providers (PSPs), banks, neobanks, acquirers, issuers, and fintechs. It offers advisory services and a one-stop platform for end-to-end omnichannnel processing, enabling the acceptance of most of the widely adopted payment methods, delivered on a PaaS, SaaS, or fully managed service model. Built using BPC’s SmartVista, an industry-recognised payment solution, the Radar Payments platform delivers scalability, resilience, performance, and unparalleled security. Radar Payments is fully owned by BPC and blends BPC’s 25 years of expertise in payments with the fintech world – using the latest digital technologies to create innovative customer payment experiences. www.radarpayments.com
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Anatomy of the New Fraudster
by Maxim Kuzin, Head of Fraud and Risk prevention, Radar Payments by BPC
Maxim Kuzin is a pioneering member at BPC Banking Technologies with over 18 years of experience in Risk and Fraud Prevention Strategies. Maxim contributes to all research and development that is required to develop and constantly maintain SmartVista’s ground-breaking fraud prevention solution. He is a regular speaker and teacher, and has produced the foundation course for banking card technologies in universities for senior students who enrolled for Banking Systems and Information Technology. From designing the architecture to implementing solutions for customer support for various regions such as Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East, Maxim’s involvement has taken Fraud Management at BPC to a leading position in the space.

Contact Details:

Email: kuzin@bpcbt.com
Phone: +4143-508-4024